The Gibson’s Are Moving Back to Tennessee!

Dear Veritas City Church,

I write this letter to you with a bittersweet joy. This will come as a surprise to some, and not as a surprise at all to others. Of course, it’s always best to deliver news like this in person (preferably on a Sunday when we can all gather together), but who knows the next time we will all be back together in person. I didn’t want to tell you over Zoom (because that would be awful), so I’ve prayerful decided to write a letter to you.

On June 26, 2016, our sending church rallied around my family, laid hands on us, prayed over us, and commissioned us to plant Veritas City Church in the Georgetown community of Washington, DC. It has been almost 4-years to the date, and it seems like we only just blinked. 

However, within that blink, we have accomplished a lot together. 

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