Greg’s ‘BUILDER’ Portfolio

(forthcoming 2021) / Greg is currently working alongside of Pastor Trent Stewart to launch Foothills Church Bearden (the second location of Foothills Church in Knoxville, TN). There is a vision for many more FC locations in the years to come through Tennessee. Foothills Church currently has an attendance of 2,500+ in two services and online.

2020 / Greg co-founded and leads SALT Ukraine. SALT Ukraine is a church planting network that is focused on training pastors to plant healthy churches throughout Eastern Europe, EurAsia, and Central Asia — starting in Ukraine). To date, Greg has globally trained 250+ pastors to plant churches with his CHURCH PLANTED curriculum. 

2020 / Greg co-founded Collective Food alongside of Bri McKinney (a former Veritas City Church covenant member). Covenant Food is a food ministry in Washington, DC that was birthed out of Veritas City Church during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. CF raised over $35,000 for the work of Collective Food for 2020. 

2019 / Alongside of his wife, Grace, Greg co-founded Sunday Homes, which is an a-la-carte real estate acquisitions business. To date, Grace and Greg continue to buy old homes and rehab them. You can follow their journey on Instagram.

2017 / Greg organized an AirBnB House-Hacking Business by renting his english basement in Washington, DC for 3-years. You can read about how this paid the majority of their rent during their time of living in Washington, DC so they could live in Georgetown and plant Veritas City Church. This 3-year process of renting out their basement changed everything for Greg and Grace. Because of this experience of creating a passive income stream to do ministry in an expensive city, Greg has developed an entire strategy for using leverage to create assets that produce income. The content and strategy will be produced in a forthcoming book called, Tent Maker: Leaving a Financial Legacy by Creating Assets that Produce Passive Income and Build Wealth.

2017 / Greg Co-Founded Gibson Equity, LLC alongside of his brother, Nathan Gibson. GE is a real estate investment and acquisitions company that purchases long-term holds. They currently have several properties in East Tennessee that facilitate short-term AirBnB rentals. To date, they have grossed over $225,000 in rentals with projections to hit $1m gross profits by 2025. Gibson Equity, LLC is a part of Greg’s strategy to leave a financial legacy for his children’s children (Proverbs 13:22).

2016 / Greg founded and led Veritas City Church in Georgetown; Washington, DC. During these 5-years, Greg raised $1.5 million, found commercial real estate space in Georgetown; developed and installed deacons, elders, and grew Veritas to a thriving covenant membership. In 2021, Veritas City Church became City Light DC (the first campus of City Light Church; a daughter church of McLean Bible Church).

2016 / Greg contracted with McLean Bible Church (Northern Virginia). Greg was hired to consult and contract with McLean Bible Church Arlington Campus with Pastor Eric Saunders during his preparation to plant Veritas City Church. 

2010 / Greg helped plant and lead Foothills Church in Maryville, TN (a suburb of Knoxville). Greg started the student ministry, seeing it grow from 8 students to over 400 students with 100+ volunteers. He also started the local and global missions ministries developing partnerships with several local non-profits and global partnerships in 3 different countries. During this time, Greg served as an elder.

2007 / Greg created, launched, and sold “The Veritas Network” — a blog platform for theologian wanna-be’s. This was the beginning of Greg’s curiosity to “start redemptive things” that has defined his journey to date.